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Illuminance Guide

Advisor Illuminance for Commercial and Industrial


Halls have different tasks in commercial use and industrial operations. From assembly and painting to use for recreation and sports and as storage, you will find all types of use.

For the lighting design in a hall with hall floodlightsyou should first define the work or use that is to take place here. The workplace directive is a good source of information on recommended illuminance levels for this:


Appendix 1 to the Workplace Regulations: lighting requirements for workrooms, workplaces and activities


You will also find a brief summary of the recommended illuminance levels for the various work areas or activities in your hall in our illuminance guide below.

Keep in mind that there are halls where different areas may be adjacent to each other. In this case, it is recommended to divide the hall lighting in the hall in order to use the lighting as efficiently as possible. A sketch will help to delineate this.

Some halls are redesigned over time or are laid out directly so that the different work areas can vary. This is also an important factor when planning hall lighting.


It is also important to note whether there are fixed mounting points for the LED high bay lighting or whether they can be freely positioned here. Fixed mounting points of the hall lighting usually result from an existing lighting, which is to be modernized or from the hall construction, which does not allow other mounting points.


If these basic points for industrial lighting are fixed, you should still think about special features of the hall. Special features include crane runways that limit the size of the hall spotlights, skylights that limit the location of mounting points, or existing machinery, wiring, and fuses that may affect lighting.

We have worked out solution models for you under lighting solutions for the most common applications of our LED luminaires.



Recommended illuminance levels (lux)


Workspace/Activity minimum Sports/Outdoor Minimum
Traffic areas/corridors (without steps) 50 lux paths/roads/parking 10 lux
Storage/loading areas 150 lux Soccer field/riding arena (hobby) 300 lux
Break/stay rooms 200 lux Riding arena (hobby) 300 lux
Shipping/packaging area 300 lux Tennis/racket sports (hobby) 300 lux
Office workstation 500 lux Riding arena (professional) 500 lux
fine craftsmanship 1,000 lux Soccer (professional) 500 lux
Workshops for electronics, watches and the like 1,500 lux Tennis/racket sports (professional) 750 lux
Traffic areas/
Hallways (Without steps)
50 lux
Storage/loading areas 150 lux
Common rooms
200 lux
300 lux
Office workstation 500 lux
fine craft work 1,000 lux
Workshops for
Electronics, watches, and the like
1,500 lux
Parking spaces
10 lux
Football field/
Riding arena (hobby)
200 lux
Riding arena (hobby) 300 lux
Racket Sports (Hobby)
300 lux
Riding arena (professional) 500 lux
Soccer field (professional) 500 lux
Racket Sports (Pro)
750 lux

professional lighting design

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If you want to convince yourself of the special performance and high quality of workmanship of our luminaires and spotlights before placing an order, we will be happy to send you free of charge and without obligation a sample luminaire to


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