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LED high bay lighting

Highly efficient lighting solutions for warehouses – by August Müller Lichttechnik

Forbalanced and good lighting in your warehouse, choosing the right lighting technology is highly important.

Along lighting period requires particularly high efficiencyof the lighting. Goods, labels and obstacles must be clearly visible, especially when working with forklifts. A uniform, glare-free and flicker-free lighting is mandatory.

The release of melatonin (sleep hormone) is slowed by good, bright light, preventing fatigue and increasing the ability to concentrate.

Incident risks can thus be minimized, performance potential better exploited and work processes optimized.

The cleanliness and order within your warehouse is highlighted by bright and neutral lighting.

A professional lighting of your warehouse is the foundation for increasing productivity.

The LED hall-lights series AML-GE,<AML-HB and AML-SQ from August Müller Lichttechnik are designed to meet the special requirements for illuminating warehouses and impress with their particularly high energy efficiency and very long service life. A standard beam angle of 120° (the AML-SQ series has a beam angle of 90°) reduces glare and the colour temperature of 4,000K provides a neutral light. Thanks to high-quality LED drivers from Mean Well, the light is absolutely flicker-free.


Use the advantages of our modern LED high bay spotlights from August Müller Lichttechnik for your warehouse when retrofitting or installing a new one:

  • up to 90% power saving
  • No switch-on delay, full brightness immediately
  • .

  • Low maintenance costs due to very long lifetime
  • .

  • no flickering, no UV and IR radiation
  • low heat generation
  • full dimmability
  • harmless to health and environment
  • numerous certifications

Intensity of illumination for LED hall lighting

The DIN EN 12464-1 regulation sets out precise recommendations for the lighting of storage areas.

  • Warehouse, storage and storeroom: 100 lux
  • .

  • Storage hall, supply and storage room, permanently occupied: 200 lux
  • Warehouse, shipping and packing room: 300 lux
  • .

  • Warehouse, (high) rack storage, travel ways without passenger traffic : 20 lux
  • .

  • Warehouse, (high) rack storage, travel ways with passenger traffic: 150 lux
  • .

  • Warehouse, (high) bay warehouse, control room: 150 lux
  • .

We recommend a buffer of at least 10% above the guideline values when planning the lighting, as LED high-bay luminaires can lose up to 20% luminosity over the course of their average service life of 15 years.

Online Lighting Planner

Now easily plan your lighting online – with our free online lighting planner.

Professional Lighting Calculation

We are happy to provide you with a free of charge and no obligation professional lighting design according to your requirements.

Sample light

Request a sample light free of charge and without obligation.

Conversion of existing hall lighting




Products from our house replace the following lights

AML-HB-250 D
AML-GE-240 D

1pc HQL lamp 500W
7-8pcs fluorescent tubes 58W
1 pc halogen bulb 2,000 W
23-24 pcs incandescent bulbs 100 W
AML-GE-200 D
AML-SQ-200 D
1pc HQL lamp 400W
5-6 pcs fluorescent tubes 58W
1 pc halogen bulb 1,500 W
19-20 pcs incandescent bulbs 100 W
AML-GE-160 D
AML-SQ-150 D
AML-HB-150 D
1pc HQL lamp 300W
4-5pcs fluorescent tubes 58W
1pc halogen bulb 1,000W
15-16 incandescent bulbs 100W
AML-SQ-100 D
1pc HQL lamp 250W
3-4pcs fluorescent tubes 58W
1pc halogen bulb 750W
11-12 incandescent bulbs 100W
Reference values

New construction / redesign of your warehouse

We recommend for a permanently occupied warehouse with dimensions of 40.00 m x 20.00 m x 6.00 m (lxwxh) a lighting with our hall spotlights AML GE-240 D. With just 12 luminaires you have already achieved a uniform illuminance of over 300 lux, providing sufficient lighting for a warehouse with shipping/packing station.

As an alternative for the discerning eye, we recommend our design LED high bay luminaires of the AML-HB series. For this area, ideally 12 pieces AML-HB-250 D are needed.

LED hall lighting concept

Savings with LED hall lighting compared to conventional lighting technology

Electricity Savings

With 12 pieces of AML-GE-240 D, you can replace 12 mercury vapor lamps (HQL) with 400 W each, resulting in a total electricity saving of 1,920 W/h. With a useful life of at least 15 years and an average duty cycle of 8 h/day, this results in electricity savings of 84,096 kW/h. At an average electricity price of currently 27.5 cents/kWh, this corresponds to a total electricity cost saving of 23,126.40 EUR.


If 12 halogen incandescent lamps with 1,500 W each are replaced, this even results in electricity cost savings totaling 182,120.40 EUR under the same conditions.

CO2 savings


At the same time, one benefits from significantly lower CO2 emissions, replacing 12 mercury vapor lamps (HQL) with 400W each by 12 pieces of AML-GE-240 D, this corresponds to a reduction of approximately 40.79 tons of CO2 at an average duty cycle of 8h/day and a useful life of 15 years, as well as CO2 emissions of 485 grams per kW/h.

If 12 halogen incandescent lamps with 1,500W each are replaced under the same conditions, this even results in a reduction of 321.19 tons of CO2.


Very long life


The exceptionally long lifetime of our luminaires saves costs due to manufacture, transport, installation and disposal, which, in addition to saving electricity and CO2, improves your company’s ögological footprint and quickly amortizes acquisition costs.

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