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LED lighting for indoor tennis courts

High-efficiency lighting solutions for indoor tennis courts – by August Müller Lichttechnik

For a well-balanced and good lighting in your tennis hall, the choice of the right lighting technique is of high importance.

In order to track the fast ball, it is imperative to have even, glare-free and flicker-free lighting throughout the court.

The release of melatonin (sleep hormone) is slowed down by good and bright light, preventing fatigue and increasing the ability to concentrate.

Impact risks can thus be minimized, performance potential can be better exploited and the enjoyment of the game can be increased.

The cleanliness and hygiene of your indoor tennis facility is highlighted by bright and neutral lighting.

Professional lighting for your indoor tennis facility is the foundation for high occupancy rates for both training and hobby use, as well as for competitions.

The LED hall floodlights of the AML-GE and AML-HB series from August Müller Lichttechnik are matched to the special requirements for the illumination of indoor tennis courts and impress with particularly high energy efficiency and very long service life. A beam angle of 120° reduces glare and the colour temperature of 4,000K provides a neutral light. Thanks to high-quality LED drivers from Mean Well, the light is absolutely flicker-free.


Take advantage of modern LED technology for your indoor tennis court when retrofitting or installing new:

  • Up to 90% power savings
  • .

  • No switch-on delay, full brightness immediately
  • .

  • Low maintenance costs due to very long lifetime
  • .

  • no flickering, no UV and IR radiation
  • low heat generation
  • full dimmability
  • harmless to health and the environment
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Tennis halls need to have excellent lighting. Fast-paced ball sports need good illumination in order to track the ball.
However, the lighting must not dazzle in order to create good playing conditions.

The illuminance to be achieved is specified in DIN 12464 and provides for 3 lighting classes.
Class I = High-performance competitions are illuminated at 750 lx.
Class II = Medium level competitions 500 lx
Class III = Simple competitions, school and recreational sports 300 lx

Light Planning

We have provided you with various examples and guidance values for lighting planning  on this page.

Every room and every type of use has its own special features that need to be taken into account when developing a holistic and sustainable lighting concept. We would be happy to create a professional lighting design according to your requirements, free of charge and without obligation.

You will receive your individual lighting design within a few days.

If you want to convince yourself of the special performance and high quality of workmanship of our lights and spotlights before placing an order, we will be happy to send you free of charge and without obligation a sample light to


Converting existing lighting installations



Product from our company replaces the following lights
AML-GE-240 D 1pc HQL lamp 350W – 400W
5-7pcs fluorescent tubes 58W
1 pc halogen bulb 1,500 W
15 pcs incandescent lamps 150 W
AML-GE-160 D 1 pc HQL lamp 200W – 250W
4-5pcs fluorescent tubes 58W
1 pc halogen bulb 1,000 W
10 pcs incandescent lamps 150 W
AML-GE-80 D 1 pc HQL lamp 100W – 150W
2-3pcs fluorescent tubes 58W
1 pc halogen bulb 500 W
7-8 pcs incandescent lamps 150 W
AML-HB-250 D 1 pc HQL lamp 250W – 300W
5 Pc fluorescent tubes 58W
1 pc halogen bulb 1,000 W
12-13 pcs incandescent lamps 150 W
AML-HB-120 D 1 pc HQL lamp 150W
3 pcs fluorescent tubes 58W
1 pc halogen bulb 500 W
9-10 pcs incandescent lamps 150 W
New construction / redesign lighting


We recommend for a tennis hall with the dimensions 36,60 m x 36,60 m x 8,00 m (lxwxh), this corresponds to the ideal dimensions for 2 courts, a lighting with our AML GE-240 D. With only 24 luminaires you have already reached the minimum illuminance of 390 lux for simple competitions as well as for school and leisure sports. For each court, 2 rows of 6 luminaires each are mounted, with them spaced approx. 5.00 m apart along the length of the court and approx. 9 m wide.

As an alternative for the discerning eye, we recommend our AML-HB range of design LED hall floodlights. For this area ideally 34 pieces AML-HB-120 or 18 pieces AML-HB-250 D are recommended.

LED Lighting Tennis Hall Concept

Your savings compared to traditional lighting


With the AML-GE-240 D, you replace 24 metal halide (mercury vapor) lamps of 400 W each, resulting in a total electricity savings of 3,840 W/h. With a useful life of at least 15 years and an average duty cycle of 8 h/day, this results in electricity savings of 168,192 kW/h. At an average electricity price of currently 27.5 cents/kWh, this corresponds to a total electricity cost saving of 46,252.80 EUR.


If 24 halogen bulbs with 1,500 W each are replaced under the same conditions, this even results in electricity cost savings totalling 364,240.80 EUR.

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