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Guide Color Temperature / Light Color

Guide Color Temperature / Light Color

Lighting can come in a variety of color temperaturesor light colors. Color temperature is a measurement used to quantify the color impression of a light source, and is specified in Kelvin (K).

The most common color temperature is neutral white at 4,000K, which provides balanced and neutral lighting and is the ideal choice for the vast majority of purposes, especially in commercial and industrial settings. In addition, at this color temperature of 4,000K, the luminous efficacy is usually the highest, which ensures a very high efficiency.

For a particularly cosy or homely atmosphere (e.g. living areas, guest areas in restaurants), a warm white light of 2,700K may be more suitable.

In certain applications (e.g. vehicle paint shops), on the other hand, daylight white with 5,700K can be the ideal choice. This light color is closest to natural daylight, and is therefore recommended if the illuminated area receives a lot of daylight. This light color is perceived by some people as particularly glaring or even unpleasant.


If you are not sure which color temperature / light color is best for you, you can order a sample light from us HERE via our form light-planning free of charge and without obligation.


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