Dispose of LED

Disposing of an LED correctly

LED Lamps do not contain toxic substances or even mercury, like the energy-saving lamp. When the LED light should therefore suffer any damage, no harmful substances are released. The semiconductor materials are all present in solid form in the LED chip. In addition, only a few micro- and nanograms of metals are used in the chips. In the household and therefore also in the children's room LED lamps can be used without hesitation.

Although the LED is not harmful in the home, do not simply throw it in the household waste.

This is due to the electronic components that the LED luminaire contains and for which there are legal regulations for disposal. According to the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), they are classified as waste electrical equipment and must be disposed of properly. When recycling the LED, valuable parts such as metal and glass can also be reused.

You can easily dispose of small quantities at small-quantity collection points such as recycling centers or most electronics stores. For large quantities, please contact your waste management company for a collection or container solution.