Differences between lamps (retrofit) and fixed luminaires

Differences between lamps (retrofit) and fixed luminaires 

A lamp is a Illuminantwhich is that part of a luminaire that produces light by energy conversion.

A luminaire is a product in which a lamp can be inserted or in which a light source is already permanently installed.

In our luminaires the Illuminant (LEDs) are always permanently installed, which ensures optimum luminous efficacy, efficiency and heat dissipation.

As Retrofit variant for the replacement of classic fluorescent tubes we also offer illuminants in the form of LED tubes on.

Advantages and disadvantages of fixed luminaires

Advantages of fixed luminaires:

  • Longer life
  • Optimum heat control due to optimized arrangement of components
  • Dimming without problems
  • Optimal light distribution and low glare
  • very good color reproduction
  • flexible lamp design possible
  • Bulb fits perfectly with the lamp
  • longer warranty
  • Certified luminaire system, if applicable
  • guaranteed flicker free

Disadvantages of fixed luminaires

  • no replacement in case of defect, the luminaire must be replaced completely
  • higher purchase price

Advantages and disadvantages of lamps (retrofit lamps)

Advantages of lamps (retrofit lamps)

  • Use in existing luminaires
  • Lower purchase price


Disadvantages of lamps (retrofit bulbs)

  • shorter life
  • No optimized system
  • often does not fit exactly into the luminaire