Advantages of LED

The advantages of LED technology at a glance

Incandescent/halogen lamp (Compact) Fluorescent lamp/
Energy saving lamp
Mercury vapour lamp LED lamps from August Müller Lichttechnik
Luminous efficacy (efficiency) 12 lm/W 40 lm/W 65 lm/W up to 135 lm/W
average life 1.000h 15.000h 20.000h 50.000h
Heat generation particularly high high high medium
Start time immediately bright until 4 min until 4 min immediately bright
Dimmability Yes only with special ballast no Yes (Type D)
Switching cycles without constraints significantly shortens the service life shortens the service life without constraints
Environment/Health harmless toxic mercury, partly flame retardant toxic mercury harmless
Type delicate vitreous humour delicate vitreous humour delicate vitreous humour sturdy plastic body
other advantages/disadvantages low acquisition costs limited operating temperature, noise and flickering possible Restart only possible after several minutes, high acquisition costs high IP classification

In order to demonstrate the advantages of LED technology, you will find an overview of the special features of LEDs from August Müller Lichttechnik here:

  • Luminous efficacy (efficiency): Up to 135 lm/W
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Heat generation: Lower heat generation than all other illuminants
  • Start time: Immediately bright and ready for use
  • Dimmability: Our type D LED lights are dimmable.
  • Switching cycles: Our LED lights Have no restrictions on the switching cycles
  • Environment and health: LEDs are completely harmless
  • Design: Robust plastic body
  • Other advantages of LEDs: high IP classification for outdoor use, no flicker/flickering